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All services are fulfilled by Atlantic Fiberglass Products

Colours and Finishes

mardeou has a range of 18 standard colours, but any colour you want can be matched. Provide us with the Pantone code or RAL code or a physical sample.

Note: There is a 5% surcharge for special colour requests outside of our standard range

On the right is an example of a unique colour finish requested by a client.

20220519_153716 (2).jpg


The advantage of fiberglass, besides being more robust, is that it can be repaired

Unlike concrete, fibre cement or terracotta pots, we are able to repair and restore any damaged pots manufactured by us

We urge clients to reach out to us with any repair queries, please refer to our contacts page

False bottoms in pots

Thanks to the endless possibilities of fiberglass, the addition of a false bottom is available in most of our pots

The addition of false bottoms is a special service and clients will be required to contact us with regards to the installation thereof

The false bottoms come at an additional cost  

IMG_5398 (2).jpg

Our capabilities

We see the entire process through from making the plug, and mould to product. 

Our inhouse engineer can provide customers with 3D drawings, this also means that we can provide customers with an estimated quote

If you have any other fiberglass needs, kindly reach out to Atlantic Fiberglass Products (refer to contacts page)

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