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Why choose fibreglass?


Fiberglass is extremely strong, though flexible, and lightweight, with a very high tensile strength. Fibreglass products are known for superior finishes and being lightweight, ideal for easy handling. Inside or outside, the variety of finishes make mardeou products perfect for any location. It is a non-porous material and extremely UV stable, and can withstand extreme heat or frozen weather without affecting the structural ability like warping or becoming brittle like plastic. It does not crack/break easily like concrete/cement and can literally last a lifetime (50+ years). It can easily be repaired or painted and requires very little to no maintenance. It is also fire retardant.

Animal/Plant Health

Fibreglass is non- toxic, and because it is a non- porous material, it does not leech or extract any chemicals into or from soil or water. It has no influence on acidity/alkalinity and it conducts very little heat compared to other materials. This makes it a very safe material for storing animal feed/water and for plant soil. Fibreglass planters are the best for darker coloured pots as it does not conduct the same heat to plant roots like concrete/cement planters. Plastic planters still leech chemicals into the soil.

Why is it more expensive?

The raw materials of fibreglass products are on average 40%+ more expensive than plastic and concrete/cement. The manufacturing process is also more labour intensive. The initial cost might be a bit more than plastic or concrete/cement products, but the quality and durability of at least decades of use and enjoyment and the other benefits stated above, makes it a worthwhile purchase decision. It is a classical case of. “you get what you pay for”.


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Products for the agricultural industry

Mainly, but not limited to, farming equipment for livestock

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Products for Landscaping and gardening

Mainly, but not limited to, pots/planters and garden features.

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Our fiberglass Chimney cowls improve extraction and requires no maintenance. 

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Products housing or moving water

Mainly, but not limited to, water features and tanks

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