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Why choose fibreglass plant pots/planters?


Plant Health

Fibreglass provides waterproofing, UV protection for hot climates, and because it is not a porous material, it won’t seep chemicals into the soil and harm your plants.

It does not conduct heat to sensitive plant roots like concrete pots, making it more suitable for darker colour pots.



Fibreglass pots are extremely strong and flexible, they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Any scratches or wear and tear can be buffed out or painted over easily. They last a lifetime or longer. They do not crack easily like concrete or become brittle like plastic.



Fibreglass pots are known for superior finishes and being lightweight, ideal for larger pots. Inside or outside, the variety of finishes make mardeou pots perfect for any location.

And on top of it all it is proudly handmade locally in Cape Town, South Africa.


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